Classic venetian plaster - a glossy coating that imitates the polished stone of natural origin. This wall provides a unique venetian marble glow. Its overlaying is a complex process that requires a high level of professionalism. Venetian plaster has a unique technology that allows to produce coatings of different colors, shades, reproduce the original drawings.

Venetian plaster was invented in Ancient Rome, but the most widespread took place only after many years in Venice. That is why it is named after the city in which revived her fame. Since ancient times, wealthy Romans admired the marble grandeur and willingly chose this material for the construction of houses and other buildings. Large blocks of stone were used throughout. Eventually someone came up with to decorate their with different patterns and reliefs, to give them unusual and interesting forms. After this processing, in the workshops stayed a large amount of construction remnants - marble chips, dust, spoiled parts and components. But even they were in the business - the decorators of that time found it excellent application: this is the marble "dust" and became the prototype of the modern Venetian plaster.

Components of Venetian plaster

Despite the fact that this option decorating the walls is known to mankind for centuries, the composition of the material used in the process, has not undergone thorough changes. Quality Score - grinding of raw materials: the smaller it is, the nobler in the interior decor it looks. In order to connect the small stone particles together and to fix them to the wall, it takes a certain binder. Previously, it was common slaked lime, flavored water and dyes to give a certain color - the juices of herbs, fruits and other pigmented substances. Selected components were mixed in the dough, and voila! - Venetian plaster that time was ready for use. In our time, the composition of Venetian plaster is changed based on an innovative approach to construction. Instead of lime in it add special more resistant inorganic binders (acrylic and analogs thereof), gamma pigments become much wider so that there is no limit designers and decorators, craftsmen in the future choice of color cover.

Special features of Venetian plaster:

  • thanks to the abundance of pigments, decorative Venetian plaster can be used in any desired color;
  • modern technologies allow to create a marble effect surface;
  • transparency "of stone" plaster creates an indescribable game of reflected color;
  • the life of the wall covering in the Venetian style is greatly increased by the use of protective waxes on a natural basis;
  • venetian plaster - damp-proof coating and has a vapor resistance - that is why it is well suited for decorating not only offices but also residential apartments;
  • texture and final appearance of the coating can be selected with the planned interior space - it is easy and simple to implement an unusual design apartment renovation.

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