It allows you to get the effect of flaking, hewn, polished marble, sandstone and other rocks.

Decorative textured plaster type "travertine"

Travertino is a high-quality decorative textured plaster, imitating natural stone surface. The performance of the coating can withstand heavy loads, including mechanical damage. Well suited for the lining of kitchens, living rooms, studios, balconies. Ideal for creating murals and restoration purposes.

The composition of ready Travertino includes marble chips, quartz and solid mineral granules, which provides a unique effect of imitation rock. In the role of binder applied lime, water glass and modified acrylic polymers. As a result, the decorative plaster Travertino is of high quality coatings that can withstand UV rays and temperature differences. .Naturalnye Mineral components also provide a water vapor permeability and moisture resistance. Plaster is not afraid of mold, mildew, does not burn, it has no odor and is environmentally friendly material.

TRAVERTINO is a great solution for both classical interior in antique style and modern facilities.

Our company will perform works on decorative plaster drawing marmorino and travertine types in Kiev.