It creates a velvety surface with unsurpassed color depth and high performance.

Decorative paint with the effect of wet silk.

In the modern interior design decorative wall paint "Velvet" with the effect of silk has firmly taken a leading position. Artfully imitating natural materials, the paint looks so realistic that it can easily be confused with a silk cloth, cast a natural glow. Considering the advantages of Velvet paints, many say its artistic and decorative value. Indeed, with such a coating the interior becomes much more shine and gloss exterior than with conventional paper or traditional colored paint. But professionals see its value and other parameters, which include: environmental friendliness, high resistance to UV, moisture, temperature changes, the effects of chemical compounds, and ease of care. Silk paint refers to the interior design of the latest generation. This means that the composition of the coloring material is eco-friendly and safe for health. A good example of this is the absence of a solvent in the paint. It is replaced with water, and therefore the paint is harmless and does not cause allergies solvent. The binder in such paint acts acrylic resin. It gives substance ink viscosity and reduces the necessary spreading. The paint with the effect of silk fabric is very comfortable to put on the wall. And finally, the most important pigment ink, which is responsible for the stunning "fabric" effect - a pearlescent pigment. The pigment particles in the paint composition is capable of reflecting light. Due to this, and an effect of natural silk on the walls, playing a variety of colored iridescence.

Кроме того, пигментные частицы придают окрашенным стенам ещё одну интересную особенность. От освещённости помещения и угла обзора будет изменяться цвет краски! Например, прошедший мимо «шёлковой» стены человек будет наблюдать переливы нескольких оттенков цвета краски. Естественный или искусственный свет тоже изменят восприятие окрашенности. Еще один плюс в копилку краски с эффектом шелка добавляет изменчивость структуры рисунка в зависимости от способа нанесения покрытия. Существуют три основных способа, которые позволяют нанести шелковое лакокрасочное покрытие и при этом удается добиться абсолютно разных конечных результатов. In addition, the pigment particles are giving to the painted walls another interesting feature. From the room lighting and viewing angle will change the paint color! For example, passed by "silk" wall people will see the play of several shades of paint colors. Natural or artificial light, too, will change the perception of coloration. Another plus for paint with silk effect that it adds variability of pattern structure depending on the coating method. There are three main ways that allow you to apply the paint and silk with this and at the same time is possible to achieve completely different results.

  • the first way - is the effect of wet silk. The initial stage of the work is to apply the tinted paint-substrates in 1-2 layers. The wall is then allowed to dry for 8-12 hours. Then, using a Venetian trowel it applied base layer, and in this form the coating was dried for 4-5 hours. When will the complete drying take place, a layer of liquid silk or plastic trowel or with a special plastic washers is applied. At the same time motion with a circular radius must be carried out with a slight pressure. Thus obtained various curls medium or small diameter, the size of which depends on the amplitude and range of movements. The advantage of this method is to provide a unique surface that looks from different angles completely different;
  • it is dried for 12 hours. Then the base layer is covered with velor roller and allowed to dry it for 2-3 hours. With sea sponge disorderly movements stuffed wet silk, and after 20 minutes with a light pressure of chaotic movements with plastic spatula or trowel Venetian is smoothed. This creates a certain pattern. A mandatory condition for this technique is applying paint with the rotational and continuous movement until the desired effect;
  • third way - is the effect of the classic silk. Initially applied substrate paint with 1-2 layers, after which the working surface is left to dry for 12 hours. The next step is to apply the base layer. At the same time with venetian trowel, you can almost immediately create a pattern, smoothing material in disordered directions. The resulting broad brushstrokes form amazing look on the walls of medium and large area for a given technology.

Thus, depending on the type of material and the effect of silk and application technique, you define future pattern coating.