Decorative paint "Sahara" (also known as "Marrakech" or "Dune") - one of the most unique materials today. Opening a huge range of features, it combines the advantages of classical decorative paints and small-textured decorative plasters, as a result of allowing you to create different effects, such as imitation steel, silk, suede. The material gives minimal shrinkage upon drying, which leads to the ability to create and pearlescent textured mirror coatings, which have no analogues.

Elegant, noble coating that is pleasant to touch, creates a flickering effect from different angles, allows to create a surface with a variety of silk overflow. It involves a number of different application options, allowing to realize the most daring design decisions. The paint is excellent tinting and famous for high strength, which is very important when using in locations with high performance requirements, such as bathrooms, children's rooms, cafes and restaurants.